Saturday, July 27, 2019

TRIPLE THREAT (ft. Doc Savior & Mahatma Crowley) [produced by: SimonAyEm]

[King Gregree verse 1]
Magick speak shot from my Owl beak,
unlocked the saber from the stone,
Gregree, Mahatma Crowley and Doc Savior,
behold the Age of Aquarius Triple Threat,
the inside joke I made is mighty Sirius 
and the river’s red

[King Gregree verse 2]
Ride the babble brook,
have a look into my mind
and find the avenue of divine proportions,
align through my verse and reverse the distortion
and see the Golden Road,
know that you all remember except you just forgot,
so let me take my member and bust on the twat of the Holy Mother,
all other gods were just waiting on my return,
I’m insane, high on herb, so crazy lifted,
they say I’m gifted, that’s understated at best,
they stuck a blade in my chest but it wasn’t wooden,
can you hear the buzzing in the woodland hive
of the mighty Hornet Station cause I’m here
and there’s none iller than me
so all willfully hail my shine at the High King coronation ceremony
where I have Hera forever moaning

[King Gregree verse 3]
You want a Triple Threat?
Well, you have it here,
my crowned Lizard head has Rabbit ears,
I’ve been here before many times over,
I’ve cleared the Door and my solar lunar twist 
can make the humans lift and rise up if they choose to do so,
if not, well the lies are up and Truth rules so you know 
that the Kali Yuga chapter will make all of you move faster
so speed up or bleed out,
I’m King Gregree so suck my peen now,
enlighten and glow,
my mean growl means I’m the Lycanthrope,
I tied a rope that I made to my ankle 
and hung myself upside down,
eloped with the Maiden,
We left Avalon Town,
it’s the Golden Age so let’s have some Fun now