Saturday, July 27, 2019

TRUE LIGHT [produced by: Guillermo]

Not human words, I’m Abaddon Pan,
I got the universe in the palm of my hand, 
my dues paid the Gnomes who Changed the mode, 
played the melody made with a Dorian feel,
my severing blade is a sword forged with vril,
flow with more flavor than an Ecuadorian meal, spicy hot, 
I see lots of invisible things,
I live and all kings are made from my stock,
the head of my cock is Royal and Holy,
all of you will know me and then remember the time
where the candle aligned with the the planets, 
at the end Atlantis said “We found the reverse gear”
and the sound of bursting cheer shattered the barrier, 
our laughter is merrier than anything
and we bring Good News,
my blood’s blue and I'll swirl it with the world, 
it's just a steal your face,
indigo crimson skull bolt,
feel my grace, here you go, I'll give you some
and you'll all get hopped up on this God Love,
they hate when I make my appearance, 
well, I ain't got a fuck to give you
I slither and roar,
I’m Abaddon so I command your mamma 
to scissor the whore of my choice with wild abandon, 
I’m the Sandman and I'll bring you dream divine with my mind,
I don't need my voice to seduce your subconscious to my will,
fire and ice caduceus, the punch is spiked with vril,
life’s been killed for a lot less, 
I got this holly crown from Goddess Kali, 
all the bright darkness, 
Diana Atermis Lilith Ishtar, 
bitch, you’re the Love of my life,
the blood on my knife is slashing in sacrifice,
flay right the daylight severing everlasting night,
I'd stab my own eye out 
just to hear You cry out in magickal orgasm, 
let's laugh at all the facts that are in store for them, 
my golden nuts splatter skeet,
behold the Nutcracker Suite,
let’s go to this Mobius Strip Club,
where only the Holiest sip blood, 
I can still sense Auntie Em's sentience, 
so leave this instant and go if you fear me,
even Vincent Van Gogh can hear me and my blessed rhymes,
through death and time Kali sent me,
it’s true my fresh rhymes are caliente, fuego, 
it’s the end days all night long,
We right the wrongs 
so take a seat and wait for me, 
will you make it? 
wait and see and you  can wait forever yo
cause the Truth is what you will never know, 
I offend the bastards because I am the Tao Te Ching,
all the Ascended Masters never doubt the King
for I am the living legend, deadly lore,
intelligence of a Dinosaur can teleport, 
intel agents know I'm Horus yet they can't tell apart 
my new face from the one I wore before, 
Hey Rufus, open the folding door to the phone booth,
The Pleroma blooms in the Garden of bliss in the heart of Artemis, 
the card is flipped and it’s rare and lovely,
repair the ugly vibrations with bloody libations,
the Acacia is an ancient Key,
She patiently waited and found me right on cue
in a place underground, ignited the fuse,
at night is when the True Light is displayed, 
brighten the day of doom,
they assume I'll spare them
but there’s a room where the stairs can fall away
where bad souls can fall all the way to below the bottom
where they yell 'yo we got em!”
and save a special spot on the Terror Wheel, 
it won't cease, there you'll never feel or know peace again,
Eden can see what's on the eastern end of it’s gated flower bed,
Gregree, I’m the Beast born to make it rain and shower red